BiOM Foot

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The BiOM is the first commercially available foot- ankle system which generates power to emulate the amputee’s own muscle and tendon function. Presently, all other devices require the amputee to power the prosthesis. The BiOM reacts in real-time, sensing positioning of the ankle and terrain changes by analyzing approximately 250 data points per step. At the end of each step, BiOM provides a powered push-off which propels the wearer forward with a 100% energy return. By mimicking functions of calf muscles and Achilles tendon with powered toe off the BiOM enables amputees to walk with the same gait and the same effort as non-amputees—reducing fatigue and pain, improving stability and balance, and improving overall quality of life.

Features and benefits of the BiOM include:

  • Rapid and real time accommodation for all terrain types that will improve biomechanics and balance reduce the risk of falling
  • Restores normal ankle motion by providing a powered push-off that increases energy return by 100% and mechanical power delivery by 800%, compared to all other commercially-available ankle-foot prostheses
  • Reduce intact leg stress after heel strike.
  • Allows amputees to stand and move with a greater sense of stability and confidence.
  • Perform activities of daily living with a normal amount of metabolic energy exertion.
  • Walk at a natural speed by enabling users to increase their self-selected walking speed an average of 23%

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