Michelangelo Hand

The Michelangelo Hand offers unprecedented speed, strength and a natural, anthropomorphic look. Its shape and appearance are modeled after the bones, joints, muscles and tendons of the human hand. Michelangelo is engineered with the power of two separate drives–one to allow for the automatic positioning of the thumb, and a second to control the fingers and grip force. The thumb also opens out to create a natural palm shape for holding a plate or bowl. The result is fluid, intutitive movement through seven different hand postions. Advanced
software and EMG signal processing increases the responsiveness and predictability of the Michelangelo Hand.

The Michelangelo Hand was recently modified to include two impressive features:

  • AxonRotation at the wrist, working with the hand’s built in flexible-positional wrist joint to optimize motion and positioning
  • AxonHook, a low-profile electric hook that offers precision grasp and durability for a range of daily tasks, work and outdoor use

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