The process of fitting a new prosthesis involves a number of steps. Shortly post- amputation as your limb is healing, a cloth shrinker will be provided and applied to your limb to help control swelling. An evaluation is performed where the practitioner learns about your abilities, goals, and activities. This information is used to determine an appropriate design of the prosthesis. Upon receiving clearance from your surgeon for a prosthesis, your limb will be cast with a plaster wrap to capture the shape. Before delivery of the final prosthesis there will be a number of fittings in a diagnostic test socket (DTS). A DTS is a transparent plastic utilized to confirm a proper fitting socket by your prosthetist. You will walk in the DTS aligned on your definitive componetry (knee/ foot). In this stage the fit of the socket and the alignment will be fine tuned and then transferred to make the definitive prosthesis. Upon receipt of the prosthesis you will work with a PT to learn to walk using the prosthesis.

Category: New Amputee

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