"POSI has changed my life for the best! I am an active 16 years old male, who suffered from cancer at 13 years of age. I cannot be without my leg and POSI, having an on-site lab lets the team make changes while I wait, so I always go home on two feet. They listen to me and know what I am talking about. “No” and “I can’t” is not in their vocabulary. I am so thankful for POSI and their creativity which has allowed me to get back to playing sports and living life as I did before my amputation."

− Jason G.

"I have had such a great, positive experience with POSI! I was using a local prosthetist and was happy at the time because I didn’t know someone could do any better. One day an associate from rehab met me in the parking lot and told me about a new prosthetist she was using, Kevin Towers at POSI. Kevin is 135 miles round trip from my house. Once I met Kevin and had my consult I was convinced it was worth the trip! He was willing to cast me and see what he could do even before committing. My gait changed immediately and I proceeded to have rehab and my life has changed! Kevin does not stop until he gets it right! The personal touch I receive at POSI is so nice to have! I never feel rushed and always feel like I am a part of all the decision making for my leg."

− Jean C.

"I am very grateful for the wonderful care that Kevin Towers, Cortney Oswald, and the entire POSI team has given me over the last nine years. Over and over again they have helped me cope - with heart, professionalism, skill, as well as cutting edge knowledge. They work together as an amazing team. Any adjustment I might need to my socket or other support, they have accommodated me. I am very pleased with the level of care that I have received, and plan to be a patient of theirs for a very long time. Kevin told me many years ago that his goal was for me to live a normal life and get back to doing what I love. POSI has helped this become a reality."

− Susan L.

"I was referred to POSI by my vascular surgeon. I thought to myself, why send me all the way to Jersey when other places are closer. Well, thanks to Pam and the staff at POSI, I'm glad I did. The best decision I made. From the day we first talked to the present, a remarkable experience. Pam even came to South Philly to come and get me for my first visit. That right there told me I made the right choice. The professionalism, courtesy, and sincere personal interest in my well being are beyond reproach! I actually look forward to each and every visit. Everyone always has a smile when I walk in the door. I know it's a business, but it doesn't feel like it, it almost feels like family. I can't begin to express my gratitude to the entire staff at POSI. "

− Chris B.