Pam Garstkiewicz, Physician Liaison

Pam Garstkiewicz, Physician Liaison

Pam has known the POSI team since 2012 when her son Jason lost his leg due to cancer at the age of 13. In 2015 Pam was happy to accept the position of Clinician Liaison. She is passionate about trying to establish amputee protocols for physicians, hospitals and sub-acute rehabs in an effort to be sure not one amputee slips through the cracks and does not receive a proper prosthesis.

Pam enjoys attending the Challenged Athletes Foundation clinics, Athletes with disAbilities Network outings, prosthetic support group meetings and other events to help connect new amputees with events and peers to help one realize there is life after limb loss.

Seeing a patient take their first steps with their prosthesis is the best! The smile on their face is memorable!! It brings tears to my eyes each and every time I see someone take their first steps.

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POSI prosthetist and technicians are trained and certified by the following manufacturers for use of their products:

Ossur: Touch Bionics, I-Limb

Otto Bock: Bebionic, Michelangelo

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