Shuo Wang, CP

POSI Team Member Since 2018

Shuo Wang, CP

About Shuo Wang, CP

Shuo Wang, born and raised in Beijing, was inspired and introduced to the field of prosthetics while watching the record-breaking Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. He saw how prostheses could provide athletes the ability to compete and put forward extraordinary performances. Shuo started with POSI as a resident in 2018 and quickly became an important part of the team.

Education and Certifications

Bachelor in Engineering

Capital Medical Universities, Beijing

Masters of Science

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia

American Board Certified in Prosthetics

POSI Experience

Our friendly, patient-oriented practice offers a positive prosthetic experience. We have the same passion today that inspired us to open POSI in 2001.


Shuo specializes in lower extremity prosthetics. He always presents with a positive attitude and never-ending passion in his work.

Services Offered

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Lower Extremity Prosthetics

Hybrid Socket Systems

Elevated Vacuum Suspensions

Low Profile Hip Disarticulation

Microprocessor Controlled Componentry

Sub-Ishial TF Socket


“I enjoy building relationships with patients, contributing to restoring their physical function, independence and setting attainable goals to get back to living life.”

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