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prosthetic limb

Prosthetic Limb – Form Meets Function

Since the release of The Kingsman: The Secret Service many people are curious, if not a little enamored by “Gazelle, the world’s deadliest sidekick,” who

POSI Helps Teen Play Soccer Again

When 14-year-old Jade DiSanti suffered an injury on the soccer field, she did not expect to lose a limb. However, complications from surgery lead to

POSI Patient Training for 2016 Paraympics

Brandon Holiday, a Maryland police officer, sustained an injury in the line of duty. Our own Kevin Towers properly fitted Brandon with a prosthetic. “Switching

3d printed prothetics

3D Printed Prothetics

New 3D Printed Prothetics Open Doors for Amputees and Patients with Congenital Defects. News and media outlets are all a buzz these days sharing the positive