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Gary Weiss

Featured Patient Stories – Gary Weiss Patient Story In 2018 I had an arthroscopic knee surgery and developed a post-op fungal infection. Doctors tried a

Below Knee Prosthesis - Patient Testimonials - Jeff C

Jeff C.

Featured Patient Stories – Jeff C Patient: Jeff C Patient Fitted With: Below Knee Prosthesis with Pin Locking Ossur Liner Suspension Patient Story: Q: What

cynthia saunders above knee gait training

Cynthia Saunders

Featured Patient Stories – Cynthia Saunders Patient: Cynthia Saunders Patient Fitted With: Above Knee Prosthesis Patient Story: It started with a pain in my right

jose morales golfing with his prosthetic leg

Jose Morales

Featured Patient Stories – Jose Morales Patient: Jose Morales Prosthetic Fitting: Below Knee Prosthesis Patient Background: Jose Morales is a below knee amputee who lost

prosthetic leg

Prosthetic Leg – Below-Knee Prosthetics

Featured Patient Stories – Chris Botta Patient: Chris Botta Prosthetic Fitted With: Below-knee Prosthetic Patient Background: Christopher’s story begins 3 years ago when he became

Ed Williams’ Prosthetic Fitting

Featured Patient Stories – Ed Williams Patient: Ed Williams Prosthetic Fitting: Pin Type then Vaccuum Suspension Patient Background: Ed Williams developed a blister/callus on the

Foot Amputation

Featured Patient Stories – CR Patient: CR Prosthetic Fitted With: Prosthetic Foot Patient Background: CR had Charcot Foot for 21-22 years and she had all

above knee amputation

Above Knee Amputation Prosthetic

Featured Patient Stories – Ryan Goldstien Patient: Ryan Goldstien Prosthetic Fitted With: Mauch SNS Hydraulic Knee & Flexfoot, Sub Ischial Socket with a C Leg