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cynthia saunders above knee gait training

Patient: Cynthia Saunders

Patient Fitted With: Above Knee Prosthesis

Patient Story:

It started with a pain in my right leg, medication was prescribed but didn’t help. I was eventually diagnosed with poor blood circulation. A stent was placed which worked for a while but eventually it failed and gangrene set in and the infection started to travel. It was decided I needed an above knee amputation to prevent the infection from traveling further into my system.

After my surgery I was anxious to get an above knee prosthesis and begin my rehabilitation. I chose a prosthetic company that my surgeon recommended, unfortunately this company was never able to make me a proper prosthesis that I felt was comfortable and safe. POSI was kind enough to meet me at a physical therapy session and make suggestions as to what adjustments should be made to the prosthesis. I took those suggestions back to my original prosthetic company, but they still could not make it right. After two years of giving another company a chance to make a prosthesis that I could walk with I decided to switch to POSI as my prosthetic company. It was the best decision I ever made.

The way Kevin Towers made my above knee prosthetic socket was 100% better than the prostheses made by the other prosthetic company, I was finally able to walk without the fear of falling and the socket was so much more comfortable.

In addition to making a great prosthesis the people at POSI are thoughtful, attentive and they listened to my concerns and views. They made me feel important, they made me feel like a person not a disability case. This was the complete opposite of how the other company made me feel.

Kevin Towers is my prosthetist, he was great from the start! Kevin has a laid back style that puts you at ease, he is very conscious of his profession, he let me know all questions and concerns would be addressed. He made me realize that the situation I approached him in could be corrected and correct it he did in flying colors. Even though I have my final prosthesis I still go back for visits just to be sure everything is working properly, this is part of POSI taking care of me. They do not bill my insurance for these visits they have a true interest in me and want to be sure I am happy and progressing.

The one piece of advice I would give when looking for a prosthetic company, don’t rush into the first prosthetist who approaches you or you come across. Research all avenues pertaining to your prosthesis, don’t be afraid to speak up to be heard. You aren’t a charity case and don’t be treated as one when your disability is being recognized.

I am proud to announce to one and all going to POSI was a choice that was rightfully made by me! The integrity they treat me with and the care they put into their work has made such a difference in my life. Thank you POSI!!

– Cynthia Saunders

“After two years of giving another company a chance to make a prosthesis that I could walk with I decided to switch to POSI as my prosthetic company. It was the best decision I ever made.”

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