above knee prosthesis - gait training

Cynthia Saunders

Patient Fitted With: Above Knee Prosthesis

Background: It started with a pain in my right leg, medication was prescribed but didn’t help. I was eventually diagnosed with poor blood circulation. A stent was placed which worked for a while but eventually it failed and gangrene set in and the infection started to . . . [read more]

prosthetic fitting

Jose Morales


Prosthetic Fitted With: Below Knee Prosthesis

Background: Jose Morales is a below knee amputee who lost his leg in a car accident in 2013. Jose is a husband, father and police officer and enjoys playing softball, bowling and riding his motorcycle. Referred to POSI by his surgeon, Jose said “it took about 3 weeks” to get acclimated to . . . [read more]

prosthetic fitting

James Concannon


Prosthetic Fitted With: Below Knee Socket, Pylon, and Foot

Background: James was a type 1 diabetic from age 13. Internal damage regarding foot wounds and kidney disease was adding up but was not readily apparent from the outside. When he was around 30, he began suffering foot abrasions which turned into wounds that would not heal. His blood sugar was . . . [read more]

prosthetic fitting

Ryan Goldstien


Prosthetic Fitted With: Mauch SNS Hydraulic Knee & Flexfoot, Sub Ischial Socket with a C Leg & Flexfoot

Background: Ryan was in a motorcycle accident in August of 2001. As a result from the accident, Ryan lost his leg at the knee in the crash. At a later time, a necessary revision to Ryans leg and his amputation was revised to an above knee amputation. Ryan was fitted with . . . [read more]

prosthetic foot - foot amputation


Prosthetic Fitted With: Prosthetic Foot

Background: CR had Charcot Foot for 21-22 years and she had all types of problems with it, off and on throughout the years. Every time something would happened with her foot the doctor’s advice was always to get it amputated. As with many patients, CR was resistant to the idea of . . . [read more]

prosthetic leg

Chris Botta

Prosthetic Fitted With: Prosthetic Leg

Background: Christopher’s story begins 3 years ago when he became sick. Chris had an infection with a high fever and he “felt like death”. Chris somehow was able to drive himself to the hospital. According to doctors, if he had gotten there any later he could have died. Bacteria got . . . [read more]

prosthetic fitting

Ed Williams

Prosthetic Fitted With: Pin Type then Vaccuum Suspension

Background: Ed Williams developed a blister/callus on the outside bottom of his left foot. To care for this, Ed went to a wound care doctor and was nursing it along for about 4 months. He had blockages in his legs that prohibited adequate blood and oxygen to reach his foot and. . . [read more]


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Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International (POSI) is an outcome based prosthetic fitting & prosthetic care practice in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware areas. POSI specializes in; lower limb prosthetics, upper extremity prosthetics, silicone prosthetics, prosthetic arm, and prosthetic leg fittings.