Ottobock Empower

About Ottobock Empower

The Empower is equipped with an active ankle joint, making it the only prosthesis with powered propulsion. It is characterized by the following clinically proven features:


  • Emulates the function and power of lost muscles and tendons (1)
  • Provides energy instead of taking it away – even up ramps, hills and stairs (1,6)


  • Life-like ankle movement that normalises userʼs walking gait (4)
  • Reduces joint forces which may result in less pain and fewer long-term orthopaedic problems (1,2,5)


  • Adjusts ankle power, resistance and flexion in real-time
  • Provides balance on variable terrain (3)

The information on this page is provided by the prosthetic manufacturer on September 9th, 2019. Please visit their site for additional information at the "More Information" link provided above.

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