There are several ways you can get in contact with another amputee. You can reach out to the Amputee Coalition to have them contact a mentor for you. The Amputee Coalition is a wonderful resource to gain early knowledge on how the process works obtaining your prosthesis and getting you back to your pre-amputation status. Your mentor can help you to see what life is like with an amputation. Your mentor can give you valuable advice on how to navigate what steps are next in your journey toward independence.

Local Amputee support groups are another valuable resource that can help with the emotional support you will need during your rehabilitation. At these groups, you and your family members will get to meet and ask questions to fellow amputees about your prosthesis, your therapy and how to achieve your rehabilitative goals.

New Jersey
Amputee Coalition
Amps in Action @ Kessler Rehabilitation Hospital
Voorhees Amputee and Stroke Organization

Magee Rehabilitation Amputee Support Group
Montgomery County Amputee Support Group

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