What to expect during the prosthetic fitting process?

Beginning the Prosthetic Fitting Process

There are a number of steps involved in the prosthetic fitting process. You and your family may have some concerns or questions regarding this fitting process. Please know our team is here to answer any of your questions and we will be by your side through each step of this new journey.

As your limb is healing, a cloth shrinker will be prescribed by your physician to help control swelling. During your first appointment at POSI, an evaluation is performed by a prosthetist which includes learning about your pre-amputation activities and future goals. The information gathered by your prosthetist will be used to determine an appropriate design of your prosthesis. Having a proper prosthetic fitting is paramount in obtaining your goals and resuming your normal daily activities.

Casting for your Prosthetic Fitting

Once clearance from your surgeon for a prosthesis has been received, the prosthetic fitting process truly begins. Your limb will be hand-casted in our in-house fabrication lab to capture the exact shape of your residual limb which will guarantee an intimate socket fit. Check out our 3D printed prosthetics for more intricate designs.

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Diagnostic Test Socket

Before delivery of the final prosthesis, there will be a number of fittings in a diagnostic test socket (DTS). A diagnostic test socket is a transparent plastic utilized to confirm that the socket is fitting properly. You will walk in the diagnostic test socket aligned on your definitive componentry (knee/foot). During this stage of your prosthetic fitting, the fit of the socket and the alignment will be fine-tuned and then transferred to make the definitive prosthesis.

Physical Therapy with Your Prosthetic Fitting

Upon receiving your new prosthesis, you will begin working with a physical therapist.  A physical therapist will help assist you in learning to walk and gain better mobility and control with your new prosthesis.  Although there are many steps in a prosthetic fitting, we hope that providing this information has answered some of your questions and concerns.  For more information or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

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