Heidi McGlade, Director of Administration

Heidi McGlade

Heidi enjoys the patient advocacy side of her duties, a skill that many administrators lack. Heidi excels in making patients feel comfortable and well cared for throughout the authorization process. Heidi’s exceptional energy and passion contributes to our mission to improve POSI‘s patients’ lifestyle.


Heidi has over 19 years of experience in the healthcare industry, primarily devoted to prosthetic and orthotics. Initially, Heidi worked for a small independent prosthetic and orthotic facility. She then moved to a large multi-entity Orthotics & Prosthetics company.

Heidi has worked directly with Managed Care Organizations and entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medical Assistance and Workers’ Compensation to obtain maximum coverage from insurance companies. This includes working closely with case managers to gain coverage for typically non-covered items and with Directors of OVR (Office of Vocational Rehab) and DVR (Division of Vocational Rehab) to help when funding is not available.