The Advantages of Our In-House Prosthetic Fabrication Lab

What Does In-house Prosthetic Fabrication Mean?

In-house fabrication means that our prosthetic designs are made on site in POSI’s laboratory. With Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International’s in-house prosthetic fabrication and experienced technicians, your prosthetic design is made on site. Our ABC certified technicians provide fabrication excellence unrivaled by regional and national practices.

POSI’s certified technicians specialize in the design and fabrication of your advanced prosthetic device, and have continually progressed the fabrication techniques to provide the best solutions for your needs.

Are You in Need of a Prosthesis or Replacement Socket?

At Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International (POSI) we understand you have many choices when it comes to choosing the right team of experts for your prosthetic design. At POSI, we believe our patients deserve the best clinical and technical teamwork to achieve the best results. Each patient and their limb loss are unique and often require specialized design elements best obtained in a controlled process from start to finish.

Collaboration Creates Improved Outcomes

Our in-house prosthetic fabrication process allows for practitioners and technicians to collaborate in the design throughout fabrication process which in turn ensures the best possible prosthetic socket fit for you.

POSI’S Process of In-house Prosthetic Fabrication for Prosthetic Sockets:

  • Your Prosthetist will design and prepare your model for needed attributes.
  • Our Technicians create a diagnostic socket from your model (no templates used).
  • The diagnostic socket is attached to definitive componentry for dynamic assessment.
  • The process of a diagnostic socket allows us to create a working model that the patient and prosthetist confirm fit and function are appropriate before it is converted to a definitive socket.
  • Once the test socket attributes are confirmed, it is then considered ready for fabrication where our technicians convert it to the definitive design.

Quick Turn Around

With in-house prosthetic fabrication, our patients will experience fast turnaround times during the design and build phase of their prosthesis.

In-house Quality Control

When fabrication processes are outsourced, there is very little quality control that can be monitored and often times problems are discovered too late in the process.

Our in-house prosthetic fabrication process allows for our prosthetic sockets to uphold to POSI’s standards of weight, strength, aesthetics and quality. It is important to us that our prosthetic devices are high-quality devices that our patients can trust and depend upon.

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POSI prosthetist and technicians are trained and certified by the following manufacturers for use of their products:

Ossur: Touch Bionics, I-Limb

Otto Bock: Bebionic, Michelangelo

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