POSI Patient First Steps With Their Prosthetic

Taking the first steps with a prosthetic after an amputation is a milestone we are proud to help our lower limb amputees reach. Below is a gallery of some of our amputee patient’s first steps following their prosthetic fitting with the POSI team.

POSI First Steps – Below Knee Amputee Chris

POSI First Steps – Bi-Lateral Below Knee Amputee Rodney


Any lower limb amputee taking those first steps after amputation should be considered an enormous milestone.

As for many lower limb amputees the process in which a patient recovers from limb loss surgery will vary greatly depending on specific situations. Although there is no clear-cut timetable for all patients, goals will generally be set. However, these goals are just that… Goals… recovery time can be very unpredictable and will vary based on personal circumstances.

After a lower limb amputation, getting out of bed following the surgery can be one of the hardest and most difficult challenges to overcome. Lower limb amputee patients may feel sad or scared in addition to experiencing pain or phantom pain. However, by moving to a chair or your bedside this will be your firsts of many victories in this process.

Finding the right leg prosthetic can be a process and take time. This process should not be rushed as your prosthetic limb could potentially be with you for life! It is important to explore your options and thoroughly discuss your needs with your Prosthetist. There are many options regarding components and socket design that your Prosthetist will explain helping you make an educated decision.

Lower Limb Amputees – Your First Steps

Once you have received your first prosthesis many patients will experience an unmeasurable amount of excitement, happiness, and independence as your life will become whole again. Your first steps with your new prosthesis will be a milestone you will never forget. Those first independent steps are providing lower limb amputees a new beginning. Whether you look forward to independence, walking your dog, or dancing with your spouse those first steps will be the foundation in which you build upon.

And yes, you will still hit bumps and may experience disappointments as you adjust to life with a prosthesis. But never forget those first steps are milestones to be celebrated!

Reaching this Milestone with POSI

From the planning process to in-house fabrication and eventually the prosthetic fitting, POSI will be there to ensure you are able to use your new prosthetic to its fullest capabilities. POSI’s practitioners will verify fit and alignment while making any necessary adjustment. Once your prosthetic has been properly fitted you will be referred to a therapist for gait training and continued rehabilitation. Even though your prosthesis in in its definitive state, POSI will continue to monitor your progress and ensure proper follow-up care building your confidence and ensure safety.

Walking with Your Prosthetic

Walking with your new prosthetic can be an overwhelming task, however by following these important suggestions you will be on your way to walking independently in no time.

  • Ensure a proper fit
  • Starting on parallel bars
  • Allow for proper time (Don’t rush the process!)
  • Pay attention to your foot placement and step length


Whether you are just starting the process or looking for more information, contact POSI today and let us help you begin to reach your milestones step by step.