Shoulder Prosthetics

Elements of a Shoulder Level Prosthesis

A shoulder level prosthesis typically share the same components as an Above Elbow/Trans-Humeral prosthesis, such as, Myo-Electric elbow and hand or Powered Terminal devices .

The shoulder prosthesis typically utilizes an encompassing socket interface that transfers the prosthetic weight and control to the user’s torso. There are more material and design options available to increase comfort and prosthetic control, such as pattern recognition systems to allow for more intuitive control.

POSI prosthetists will educate you on each type of device to determine which will best fit your needs.

Certified Prosthetists

The certified prosthetic team at Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International (POSI) will work with you to create a properly fitting Shoulder Prosthesis that will best fit your needs.

Prosthetic Shoulder – POSI Team Support

At POSI, we understand the unique challenges you will face after an amputation. We work with you and your caregivers through those challenges, we share resources, we coordinate peer support and we work with your rehabilitation support team to ensure progress is being made.

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