Prosthetic Arm Solutions

POSI’s extensive experience with Upper Extremity Prosthetic digit and arm design options offer unique solutions for all levels of amputation. What differentiates one facility from another is the prosthetists fitting technique and state of the art in-house prosthetic fabrication. We believe the way the prosthesis fits you through the socket interface, is an integral factor that will determine your comfort and success with an upper extremity prosthesis regardless of the level of simplicity or technology.

In-House Prosthetic Arm Socket Fabrication

POSI’s in-house prosthetic fabrication sets standards of excellence unmatched by practices which utilize external fabrication services. Our technicians are ABC certified and frequently participate in continuing education as both instructors and students. POSI’s fabrication techniques are progressive allowing the prosthetists and technicians to use the best materials available and their creativity to design and make the best prosthesis for each individual.

prosthetic arm – Prosthetic Arm Solutions
prosthetic arm – Prosthetic Arm Solutions
prosthetic arm – Prosthetic Arm Solutions

Certified Prosthetists

Our ABC certified practitioners each offer unique expertise and extensive experience at each level of amputation. We offer a team approach to care, with your primary practitioner at the lead. POSI is recognized by peers, referral sources, and patients to provide solutions for those who have not had success or progressed therapeutically with other prosthetic practices.

Prosthetic Arm – POSI Team Support

The POSI team works directly with occupational therapists to support you during your rehab to share expertise and assure your progression through both short and long-term goals. Goals are set collaboratively between you, your therapist, and prosthetist.

Prosthetic Arm Manufacturers Relationship

POSI is privileged to have an excellent working relationship with many of the component manufacturers, such as Ossur and Ottobock. As new upper extremity prosthetic technology becomes available, POSI is often chosen as a Beta test site. Testing new componentry with patients allows us to give feedback to the manufacturer before the final product goes to market. Based on our success and highly functional patient population we have been chosen to sit on multiple advisory boards such as Ossur and OttoBock.

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At POSI, we embrace challenges and offer unique solutions to enable each prosthesis to meet individual goals and expectations. Our experience and dedication take your goals from possibility to reality! Contact us today for a consultation.

Prosthetic Arm Componentry