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As the process went on, I had my mind made up that I was going to do this. The day arrived for my prosthetic leg diagnostic socket and I put it on and walked around like nothing was missing. Between POSI’s organization and my mental preparedness, we did it. Pam even videoed the event and put it on Youtube. I could walk again thanks to my prosthetic leg, a little different, but so what, I was walking! . . . Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International puts the “POSI” in POSITIVE!!!

Chris B.

jose morales golfing with his prosthetic leg

Providing expertise and care in finding the proper equipment to make the best prosthesis that has allowed me to get back to my job and normal life.

Jose M.

cynthia saunders above knee gait training

After two years of giving this company a chance to make a prosthesis that I could walk with I decided to switch to POSI as my prosthetic company. It was the best decision I ever made.

Cynthia S.

below knee prosthetic

POSI has changed my life for the best! I am an active 16 years old male, who suffered from cancer at 13 years of age. I cannot be without my leg and POSI, having an on-site lab lets the team make changes while I wait, so I always go home on two feet. They listen to me and know what I am talking about. “No” and “I can’t” is not in their vocabulary. I am so thankful for POSI and their creativity which has allowed me to get back to playing sports and living life as I did before my amputation.

Jason G.

I have had such a great, positive experience with POSI! I was using a local prosthetist and was happy at the time because I didn’t know someone could do any better. One day an associate from rehab met me in the parking lot and told me about a new prosthetist she was using, Kevin Towers at POSI. Kevin is 135 miles round trip from my house. Once I met Kevin and had my consult I was convinced it was worth the trip! He was willing to cast me and see what he could do even before committing. My gait changed immediately and I proceeded to have rehab and my life has changed! Kevin does not stop until he gets it right! The personal touch I receive at POSI is so nice to have! I never feel rushed and always feel like I am a part of all the decision making for my leg.

Jean C.

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I am very grateful for the wonderful care that Kevin Towers, Cortney Oswald, and the entire POSI team has given me over the last nine years. Over and over again they have helped me cope – with heart, professionalism, skill, as well as cutting edge knowledge. They work together as an amazing team. Any adjustment I might need to my socket or other support, they have accommodated me. I am very pleased with the level of care that I have received, and plan to be a patient of theirs for a very long time. Kevin told me many years ago that his goal was for me to live a normal life and get back to doing what I love. POSI has helped this become a reality.

Susan L.

I recently received a New Empower foot manufactured by Ottobock which allows me tofunction much better. It allows me to have more mobility and the plantar flexion is excellentwhich allows me to have a more natural gait and less of a limp. When I walk in the Wawa oranywhere I no longer feel the stares of people that always look to see what is wrong with me.Although I had gotten used to those stares I do not like them. I feel more confident and am ableto function at a much better capacity. In addition, the battery life on the foot is much longerthan the prior version and I do not have to have an extra charger any longer. I can just carry theadditional battery and I am able to obtain almost 18 hours or more of battery life and this reallymakes my life easier. The Empower also gives me better mobility because it propels me as Iwalk and therefore my other leg is not suffering and carrying or making up for the missing limb.

Overall I am extremely satisfy with the results and the ability that I have to be functional to amuch higher degree than I ever was.

The best part of this is that I have been a client of POSI since my accident in 2007, and I amextremely grateful to everyone, in particular Kevin Barnes and Kevin Towers, for of their helpand assistance during these many years. Particularly now, because I am certain that every timeI walk into their facility I know that they care about my well-being and I am extremely gratefulfor that.

Eduardo C.

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It isn’t every day that I write a testimonial. POSI (Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International, in Marlton, New Jersey) just massively improved the quality of my life. No more pain, no more swelling, no more skin irritations that never seem to go away. I can walk again.

As a double, below the knee amputee, I struggled for years with bad fitting legs until I found Kevin Towers at POSI. It’s true that there is a science to fitting an amputee with a prosthesis, but there is also an art to it and Kevin is an artist. He took great time and patience in his approach, ensuring the hand-casting method was performed with exacting skill, resulting in a perfect fit.

The real test for me is the fact that much of the time, I don’t even think about my new prosthetics. I actually forget that I’m wearing them.

If you are having issues with your socket fit, you don’t have to suffer anymore.

You should know that the professionals at POSI are also very warm and friendly. You owe it to yourself or your loved ones, to contact POSI today. Your life will change for the better and you’ll be so happy you did.

Forrest B.

– Testimonials

I was referred to POSI by my hand surgeon in October of 2015. After meeting Kevin Barnes I had a positive outlook. His caring and knowledge of what would work best for me was very helpful. The 75 minute drive from Delaware to the Marlton New Jersey office was well worth the trip my wife and I took for several appointments.

Blood clots from my heart traveled down my right arm to my hand which caused an amputation from below the elbow to my hand. As a senior I wasn’t sure I could adapt to such a change. I was worried as to whether I could resume my normal activities which were cooking and shopping for my family.

Amazingly with Kevin’s help I am now able to cook again. I feel useful and proud of myself and the journey was not as long as I once thought. I am very thankful to POSI and its staff for this prosthetic hand.

Carmen D.