Patient Experience

Patient Education

Patient education is essential to every step of our process. We will provide you with education on socket systems, suspension options, and componentry selection and encourage you to participate in the design process. We will be honest and truthful about your expectations and assist you to set reasonable goals.

We will assist you in finding any resources which will allow you to optimize the rehab process including therapy options, peer counseling, support groups, and physician referrals.

Team Approach

POSI offers a team approach to patient care with your primary practitioner as lead. This unique environment offers many benefits to our patients. Practitioners are able to pool their knowledge and offer input. Patients will develop relationships with multiple practitioners allowing for seamless follow-up care. Additionally, our team expands beyond the office to include physical therapists, doctors, peer counselors, and support groups.

Unparalleled Follow-up Care

A key factor in the success of our patients is follow-up care. Timelines and frequency will vary depending on the experience level and time post- amputation. POSI will continue to manage your prosthetic care throughout your lifetime.

Expedited Services

At POSI, we understand the importance of providing services in a quick and efficient way to expedite your rehab experience.


At POSI, we are proud to have a great working relationship with many manufactures and to serve as a beta test site for the latest technology. Our practitioners and technicians frequently think outside of the box developing new techniques in manufacturing and socket design. Our staff has taught, as well as attended, a variety of continuing education courses.

Featured Patient Stories

I recently received a New Empower foot manufactured by Ottobock which allows me to function much better. It allows me to have more mobility and the plantar flexion is excellent which allows me to have a more natural gait and less of a limp. When I walk in the Wawa or anywhere I no longer feel the stares of people that always look to see what is wrong with me. Although I had gotten used to those stares I do not like them. I feel more confident and am able to function at a much better capacity. In addition, the battery life on the foot is much longer than the prior version and I do not have to have an extra charger any longer. I can just carry the additional battery and I am able to obtain almost 18 hours or more of battery life and this really makes my life easier. The Empower also gives me better mobility because it propels me as I walk and therefore my other leg is not suffering and carrying or making up for the missing limb.

Overall I am extremely satisfy with the results and the ability that I have to be functional to a much higher degree than I ever was.

The best part of this is that I have been a client of POSI since my accident in 2007, and I am extremely grateful to everyone, in particular Kevin Barnes and Kevin Towers, for of their help and assistance during these many years. Particularly now, because I am certain that every time I walk into their facility I know that they care about my well-being and I am extremely grateful for that.

E. Cortez