Hip Disarticulation

A transpelvic amputation, also referred to as a hip disarticulation, is when a patient requires the surgical removal of the entire lower limb through the hip joint, and in some cases may involve a portion of the Ilium.  This type of amputation results in the loss of three joints: the hip, the knee, and the ankle.

Elements of an Above Knee Prosthesis for Hip Disarticulation Patients

A hip disarticulation is comprised of a suspension sleeve, socket, prosthetic knee, pylon and prosthetic foot, with the socket being the most important part your prosthesis. Different factors are used to determine what type of prosthetic knee componentry will be best for your individual functional level.

Certified Prosthetists

The certified prosthetists at Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International, specialize in lower limb prosthetics and work closely with prosthetic leg manufacturers so we can offer our patients the latest in prosthetic foot and knee technology.

Hip Disarticulation Prosthetic Process

Working as a team, we will make a prosthetic device for you based off information we gather during the evaluation phase. The first step in the prosthetic leg fitting process is to take an impression of your residual limb. At POSI, this impression is captured by hand casting as this method provides a very intimate fit that will maximize comfort and support.

Hip Disarticulation – POSI Team Support

At POSI, we understand the unique challenges you will face after a hip disarticulation. We work with you and your caregivers through those challenges, we share resources, we coordinate peer support and we work with your rehabilitation team to ensure progress is being made.

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