Partial Hand Prosthetics

Elements of a Hand Prosthetic

A Partial Hand prosthesis is used for an individual with partial hand loss along with absence of multiple digits 1 to 5. These devices allow patients to improve hand balance and grip.

Options include, custom Silicone Opposition Gloves, Passive Activity Specific and Articulating designs.

POSI prosthetists will educate you on each type of device to determine which will best fit your needs.

Certified Prosthetists

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Partial Hand Prosthetic – POSI Team Support

, Partial Hand Prosthetics

At POSI, we understand the unique challenges you will face after an amputation. We work with you and your caregivers through those challenges, we share resources, coordinate peer support and we work with your rehabilitation support team to ensure progress is being made.

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Partial Hand Prosthetics

MCP Driver

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Michelangelo Prosthetic Hand

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Bebionic Hand

Comfortable, intuitive and precise, bebionic continues to transform the lives and abilitie...

i-Digits™ Quantum

Myoelectric partial hand prosthesis, suitable for individuals with absence of 1 to 5 digit...

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POSI prosthetist and technicians are trained and certified by the following manufacturers for use of their products:

Ossur: Touch Bionics, I-Limb

Otto Bock: Bebionic, Michelangelo

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