Prosthetic Device Proper Fit

A prosthetic device (sometimes called a prosthesis) can help an individual who has lost a leg, arm, or appendage take part in their every day routine. With the advances in prosthetic technology, a prosthetic leg or a prosthetic arm, can return to work, exercise, and more, just as they did prior to the amputation.

Prosthetic Device Fitting

To have an effective prosthetic device, the fitting process is pivotal to the success of the patient. Pain, discomfort, and other problems can arise from a poor fitting prosthesis. Continued use of an ill fitting prosthesis can have long term effects if not addressed as soon as possible.

POSI’s 6 step prosthetic fitting process ensures a proper, confortable fit for their patients. And POSI’s in-house fabrication lab allows our certified technians to make changes to your prosthetic on site.

Does Your Prosthetic Device Fit Properly?

Are you unable to reach your goals?

Do you have pain or discomfort in your prosthesis?

Does it take a lot of effort to walk?

Is your skin damaged, discolored, or callused?

Is your socket loose?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then your prosthetic socket may not have been fitted correctly. Our team of experienced technicians can help.


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At Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International in Marlton, NJ or Horsham, PA our team is equipped to fit every patient’s individual needs, goals, and aspirations. Our team works through our fitting process to produce the best fit for your prosthetic device. Give us a call today or contact us.