OttoBock: 3R90; 3R80; 3WR95

About OttoBock: 3R90; 3R80; 3WR95

Make a splash

Wear your prosthesis in the pool, shower, or at the beach. From the versatile 3R80 shown above to the 3WR95 and Aqualine system featured here, we provide multiple options ideal for both below-knee or above-knee amputees.

No matter whether it’s chlorine to bath water, moisture won’t wear on the Aqualine system. With added traction on the foot, you’ll feel confident and secure getting out of the shower or walking by the pool.

Click on the red “hot spots” to learn more about the Aqualine waterproof prosthetic system, and explore our range of water-ready prostheses and components below.

The information on this page is provided by the prosthetic manufacturer on September 9, 2019. Please visit their site for additional information at the "More Information" link provided above.