Components Category: Hand Componentry

Thumb Driver

The thumb is arguably the most important digit of the hand. The newest product in our lineup shares its heritage with the MCPDriver. It features a unique anchor

MCP Driver

The MCPDriver is designed for individuals with amputations through the proximal phalanx. The MCPDriver restores the middle and distal phalanges. These body-driven, articulating devices allow patients

PIP Driver

The PIPDriver is designed for individuals who have an amputation through the middle or distal phalanx. As an articulating, body-driven prosthesis, the PIPDriver restores length, provides

i-Limb Quantum

The i-Limb Quantum, Össur’s premium multi-articulating myoelectric hand, allows users to change grips with a gesture. Precision – Five independently motorized fingers with an electronically

i-Digits™ Quantum

Myoelectric partial hand prosthesis, suitable for individuals with absence of 1 to 5 digits where the level of absence is distal to the wrist and


Multiple programmable grip patterns provide confident grasp of objects. The industry standard Quick Disconnect wrist provides interchangeability with almost all in-hand controller terminal devices including

MC Standard ETD

The Motion Control ETD (Electric Terminal Device) is rugged, functional and water resistant – the preferred choice of thousands of users. The MC Standard ETD

Hooks by Fillauer

Fillauer offers a complete line of functional and innovative devices and equipment, combined with outstanding service and education. Fillauer’s hook lineup features canted hooks in aluminum,

Bebionic Hand

Comfortable, intuitive and precise, bebionic continues to transform the lives and abilities of amputees around the world. From helping them perform simple tasks like tying

Michelangelo Prosthetic Hand

The Michelangelo prosthetic hand features a highly natural design that’s built on incredible technology. It will give you more ways to move your hand, and