Ryan Goldstien – Above Knee Amputation Prosthetic

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above knee amputation
above knee amputation
Prosthetic Fitting: Mauch SNS Hydraulic Knee & Flexfoot, Sub Ischial Socket with a C Leg & Flexfoot
Patient Story:

Ryan was in a motorcycle accident in August of 2001. As a result from the accident, Ryan lost his leg at the knee in the crash. At a later time, a necessary revision to Ryans leg and his amputation was revised to an above knee amputation. Ryan was fitted with a prosthetic for his above knee amputation from POSI and now enjoys spending time outdoors rock climbing and taking vacations.

Question & Answer:

Q: What can you share about your experience with getting fitted with a prosthetic from POSI for your above knee amputation?
A: Getting fitted with a lower limb prosthetic with POSI was a great experience. From the casting to the test socket to the final socket/leg they were very helpful and made sure everything was fitting properly before finishing up the leg. They spent time with me until everything was right, not trying to get me done as quick as possible to move on to someone else.

Q: From start to finish, who was your favorite staff member from POSI? Why? What did they do to assist your prosthetic fitting for your above knee amputation?
A: All the staff members at POSI have been great in fitting a prosthetic for my above knee amputation. I have worked with Ben Harder from the start and have spent the most of my time at POSI with him.

Q: Have you been fit with a prosthetic before? Was it with POSI? If not, how was the experience different?
A: I started with another prosthetist, but it never got past the initial consultation. My only prosthetic legs have been through POSI.

Q: What is some advice you would give to others looking to get fitted with a prosthetic?
A: My main advice is to never accept a leg/socket that hurts and does not feel right. Never sign if things are not right, and do not let anyone tell you that socket pain is normal and will go away over time. Yes, there may be a little bit of comfort issues since you are wearing an external device, but pain should not be accepted. Also, always know what you are getting with regards to leg components, and make sure all options are on the table for you.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share about your above knee amputation prosthetic fitting experience with POSI?
A: Overall they have been great, and always willing to help and make sure things are right.

All the staff members at POSI have been great in fitting a prosthetic for my above knee amputation.

– Ryan Goldstien