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prosthetic fitting – Ed Williams' Prosthetic Fitting
Prosthetic Fitting: Pin Type then Vacuum Suspension
Patient Story:

Ed Williams developed a blister/callus on the outside bottom of his left foot. To care for this, Ed went to a wound care doctor and was nursing it along for about 4 months. He had blockages in his legs that prohibited adequate blood and oxygen to reach his foot and heal his wound. Despite Ed being diabetic, his diabetes were not the main cause of his issues. Ed had smoked cigarettes for approximately 42 years which created the blockages due to plaque build up in veins and arteries. Ed woke up one day to his entire left foot as one big oozing blister and turning black with infection. In order to properly attack the infection, it was determined that an amputation was necessary. Ed’s amputation was done in 3 different stages until they completely eliminated the infection.

Question & Answer:

Q: What can you share about your prosthetic fitting experience?
A: My initial prosthetic fitting was a “Pin Type” system. After about 3 or 4 months I graduated to a “Vacuum Suspension” system. I’ve had Diane right from the start, but occasionally I saw Matt who was a resident at POSI. ALL of these folks have been great! Nice, knowledgeable, caring and smart! POSI is the only company that I’ve been with mostly because…..I have no reason to try anywhere else. I’m extremely happy with the staff, the prosthetic fitting process, and especially the results. After all and along with POSI’s help, I’m walking which is the primary goal!

Q: What is some advice you would give to others who have had an amputation and are looking for a prosthetic fitting?
A: It’s probably good to check out other companies so that you will be able to compare but if you don’t, I would guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with POSI. Watching me walk, shoot pool and maneuver around the pool table or hit golf balls is probably my best testimony to Diane and all the prosthetists at POSI.

“With POSI’s prosthetic fitting, I’m walking which is the primary goal!”

– Ed Williams