Pattern Recognition Control by Coapt

About Pattern Recognition Control by Coapt

Just like fingerprints or the iris of an eye, coordinated muscle signals are unique patterns of bio-metric information. Each arm movement attempt produces a different pattern of muscle activity. Coapt’s pattern recognition system decodes these signal patterns in real time, giving users COMPLETE CONTROL of their prostheses.

Pattern Recognition is generally applicable to those with limb loss or limb difference at the transradial, transhumeral, or shoulder disarticulation levels. Being a recipient of Targeted Muscle Reinnervation surgery is not a requirement for using the Coapt COMPLETE CONTROL system but may expand control options and overall function for some individuals.

The information on this page is provided by the prosthetic manufacturer on April 20, 2020. Please visit their site for additional information at the "More Information" link provided above.